ASICS Gel Lyte OG x Patta

ASICS Tiger and the long time partner Patta have teamed up for a great collaboration on the recent re-introduced Gel Lyte OG, which will be releasing this upcoming Saturday, July 29th at Patta Amsterdam and London locations. The original Gel-Lyte I, was the beginning of the Gel Lyte series with its colour blocking and reflective... Continue Reading →


Today is the day! The Gel Lyte OG is making it's comeback to retailers and to keep on my #31daysofvintage here's the Gel Lyte II from 1989. Here's a look at the Gel Lyte II in a Wite/Blue/Green colorway, which was released in 1989. The Gel Lyte II was the upgraded version of the Gel... Continue Reading →

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