ASICS Gel DS-Trainer “OG Pack”

ASICS Tiger has decided to bring back another runner from the early 90’s as a retro to start off the new year. The first two series of the silhouette, come as an OG pack featuring original colorways from back in the day and will be available from January 13th at selected shops.

The Gel DS-Trainer has his origin, as many of the current ASICS Tiger silhouettes, in the performance industry. The Gel DS-Trainer has been in the market for over 20 years and is still today one of the favorite performance silhouettes for many people.
The pack includes two original colorways from back in the 90’s, which remind a lot of those very eye-catching colorways ASICS used to drop in the early years of the GEL-Technology.
The first pair of the pack feature a white upper and DUOSOLE-midsole, black tiger stripes, and teal and puple details around the whole runner. The second pair consists of a black upper and midsole with pink accents on the upper and lining.

Personally, I think ASICS has started off the year the right way. Bringing a silhouette back from the shelves is always a good decision and in my opionion the color palette they’v chosen is on spot. I got to admit that the Gel DS-Trainer isn’t my favorite silhouette, due to the very sporty look they have, but it’s a very comfortable silhouette and it actually looks quite nice on feet.
We will be seeing more original silhouettes coming back this year, so stay tuned to the updates on the website for more information.

Stay tuned for more information and more releases of the ASICS Gel DS-Trainer, which will be available from January 13th at the following ASICS Tiger retailers in Switzerland: Feinraus, Männerwerk, Jelmoli, Pomp It Up (Lausanne) and Titolo Shop and of course at selected retailers all over the globe and retailed at 130€.

Source: ASICS Tiger

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