Today is the day! The Gel Lyte OG is making it’s comeback to retailers and to keep on my #31daysofvintage here’s the Gel Lyte II from 1989.

Here’s a look at the Gel Lyte II in a Wite/Blue/Green colorway, which was released in 1989. The Gel Lyte II was the upgraded version of the Gel Lyte I, which introduced as the start of the Gel Lyte series to the market in 1987.
Featuring the innovative Gel Technology, that is still used on most of ASICS Tiger footwear products. Today we celebrate the comeback of the Gel Lyte I, as the Gel Lyte OG in two different colorways in selected ASICS Tiger retailers all over the globe.


ASICS Tiger is finally re-introducing the Gel Lyte OG, which originally released in 1987. Even tough they made some slight changes on the midsole, due to stability issues, the Gel Lyte OG will come back the same way as it did 30 years ago.

The original Gel-Lyte I, was the beginning of the Gel Lyte series with its colour blocking and reflective forefoot panels for extra visibility. The light feel of the shoe was assisted by the solitary heel Gel unit and a tri-density midsole, nylon synthetic fabric and Duraskin reinforcement.
An anti-torque staibility system was applied on the Gel Lyte OG with motion control in mind, while the blown rubber outsole with a gum rubber heel plug completed this mid to high mileage creation.
The 1987 Gel Lyte OG will come back in July, 30 years after in two Original colorways. The first one is the Orange/Black/White and the second will be in a Baby Blue/White/Yellow colour scheme.
The German enthusiasts have the chance to grab the Gel Lyte OG today at retailers like Afew Store , Save our Sole or Titelhelden with a stunning special packaging, including an OG Box, Socks and Pins.

We can expect to see a couple more releases of the Gel Lyte OG in July and we surely will be seeing a lot more of this silhouette in near future!

Source: Afew Store

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