ASICS GEL-Lyte III x WOEI “Vintage Nylon”

ASICS and Woei have joint forces for the second time. After a very successful co-work on 2012’s “Cervidae”, the two brands have come together for another project on a very 80’s vibed “Vintage Nylon” GEL-Lyte III,  available November 4th in Rotterdams WOEI store retailed at 150€.

WOEI ASICS (20 of 23)

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of WOEI ‘Patta’s et Pret a Porter’, WOEI and ASICSTIGER have come together to deliver another take on the famous ASICS GEL Lyte III.

The inspiration for this project comes from WOEI’s personal interest and his love for this typical 80’s fabric; Vintage Nylon. Also, the chosen colors clearly link back to that era.

The toebox is made of a soft grey nylon, with darker grey suede overlays, the shoe is spiced up with some nice and soft pink details, furthermore you’ll find some hints of 3M to complete that eighties look.
Another nice detail is the co-branding on the tongue.

The original GEL-LYE III, first released in 1990, featuring many innovations, including that unique split-tongue as well the lightweight synthetic fabrics and 3M details.

I got the chance to talk to the man who started with his project of WOEI 10 years ago.
Woei Tjin has been a part of the sneaker scene since his early skateboarding days in the 1980’s.  In 2007 he started with his WOEI store in Rotterdam and the shop counts to today’s most known retailers around Europe.

We had a interesting talk about his latest project with ASICS on the “Vintage Nylon”, but we also had time to discuss the brand in general and about the current state of the sneaker industry…

Hey Woei, you and ASICS have teamed up for the second time, how did this project come together?

It’s WOEI’s 10th year anniversary, so ASICS and I decided to do a collab this year. Our first was for my 5th anniversary, with the Cervidae. So we had to do a new Project for my 10th: The “Vintage Nylon”

Out of many brands, why did you choose to team up with ASICS?

ASICS and I always had a good relationship from day one, so it’s no surprise we work together. In the past we had some collabs ready with other brands, but in the end it was all bullshit coming from those brands.
There is no knowledge and love from certain brand, not like ASICS…

What was you inspiration for the latest GEL-Lyte III with ASICS?

For this asics collab, my first inspiration was comfort. I had a corn on my feet, so i couldn’t wear certain sneakers anymore, so i needed comfortable shoes, which reminded me of the old vintage sneakers from the past, the soft nylon shit, that butter.

We tried some original colorways, but itdidn’t work. So we kept on designing different sketches and we ended up with the vintage nylon.

The Cervidae GEL-Lyte III from 2012 was a great success and counts to many collectors Top 5, what can the ASICS enthusiasts expect from this collaboration?

Yeah, the “Cervidae” is a all time banger, I hope the ASICS enthusiasts like this version too. With the extra made sports vintage jacket and including a special box it should be a banger as well.

The release on November 4th comes with a color matching jacket, how did you get into designing apparel?

When we do a special collaboration, we always want to add a extra item to it, so we made a custom and color matching vintage sports jacket, which turned out really nice! Only 200 pieces will be available for the first 200 instore customers 

When was your first encounter with sneakers and and how did you transform your passion for runners to Woei?

When I was Young (a long time ago ), I was a skateboarder. It all started from then on, I got sponsored by Vans and used to wear all colours of the Old Skool (which you see now everywhere)

From Vans I went to Etnies, Axion, Puma Clydes and to Adidas Gazelles and Campus
About 15 years ago, I went crazy on Air Max, I wore them everyday.
When I opened my store I got more open minded about sneakers, other brands, other silhouettes

Which are you 3 favourite collaborations from ASICS?

1. ASICS GEL-Lyte III x WOEI “Cervidae”

2. ASICS GEL-Lyte III x Patta

3. ASICS GEL-Lyte III x Colette x Lamjc

The sneaker industry has changed a lot in the last 3 years, what evolution should ASICS take in consideration next?

The sneaker game had changed a lot.
The evolution of ASICS? I think all brands are having difficulties when it comes to selling, even Nike or Adidas.

I think the resell game has had a huge effect on retailers. It’s fucked up man, nowadays it’s all about resell.
ASICS and other brands are trying to make new models, but in my opinion a lot of them aren’t good and so they don’t sell and the brand loses money

What differences do you see comparing the early sneaker days with todays?

There’s a huge difference in sneaker game now compared with the past, back in my days it was all different. There was no resell or at least not so much. Back in the day I could get everything I wanted for normal prices.  Perhaps I got the burgundy Parra Air Max for 500€ and nowadays it sells for 3000€.

My whole collection is based on the past. These days, if I want something, I can’t get it unless I pay rape prices. I hate it!

Woei has become one of the most acknowledged brands in european sneaker culture, what can we expect to see in future?

Thank you! We act the same like we always do, we try to do our best and whatever comes on our path, we take look at it.
We live by the day and never think ahead in years. I think that’s our strength 

Last but not least, will we see more from Woei and ASICS in future?

We will see, I’m not looking in the future yet…

Personally, I think WOEI has done a great job with the “Vintage Nylon” collaboration and I feel like they have brought me back to ASICS best year with this colorway.
In the last couple of years, the sneaker industry has changed a lot and ASICS has had some difficuties finding it’s spot between the big brands.
With projects like the “Vintage Nylon” they’re definitely on the right way to reaching their marks of 2013-15, with solid material choice and some popping colorways.

In my opinion this hasn’t been a good year for the brand and WOEI’s collab takes without hesitation the first spot on this years project list.

I hope to keep seeing ASICS continuing their 90’s vibed releases with colorways and silhouettes in near future!

WOEI ASICS (21 of 23)WOEI ASICS (18 of 23)WOEI ASICS (20 of 23)WOEI ASICS (17 of 23)

The collaboration between WOEI and ASICS Tiger is set to drop on November 4th at the Rotterdam based store, including a special box and the matching jacket (only 200 pieces available) retailed at 200€ (150€ without the extras). The pairs will be available in-store and the remaining pairs will be dropping online.

The worldwide release is set for the weekend of November 18th at selected ASICS Tiger Family and Friends retailer.

Keep posted for upcoming on feet Pictures.

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