25th Anniversary

Asics Gel Lyte III x Mita Sneakers „Torico“ / January 24th 2015

The Japanese Retailer mita sneakers has teamed up with Asics for the first edition of the much anticipated 25th Anniversary of the Gel Lyte III silhouette.
Asics will be dropping each month a collaboration of the split tongue model, which will lead to a 12 piece pack.
Featuring different tonal blues ranging from suede to nubuck, where some red details play a supporting role, the “Torico” will be dropping worldwide on January 24th, so stay tuned for some more on feet shots of this dope collaboration and for further information about the 25th Anniversary Pack.

Asics Gel Lyte III x Packer Shoes „Dirty Buck“ / March 7th 2015

For the second drop of the 25th Anniversary of the Gel Lyte III, Asics has collaborated with the New Jersey Store Packer Shoes for the creation of the “Dirty Buck”.
Inspired by the beginnings of the Packer Bro’s in 1907, they’ve given the model an elegant and sophisticated touch using premium suede and leather on the upper, combining classic and contemporary aesthetics that have never been seen before on the split tongue silhouette.
The “Dirty Buck” will be releasing on March 7th worldwide and will be limited to 1990 pairs, as the first collaboration of the 25th Anniversary between Asics and mita sneakers. The instore customers at Packer will receive an exclusive special box with cedar shoe trees, dust bag, suede brush, shoe horn and exclusive Packer x Stance Socks.

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Asics Gel Lyte III x Titolo Shop „Papercut“ / March 28th 2015

Next up is Swiss retailer Titolo Shop which worked together with Asics for the third part of the 25th Anniversary of the split tongue model, which will be called “Papercut”.
The Titolo collab finds his inspiration in the traditional precision craftwork of the Scherenschnitt (engl. Papercut), that is also represented on the ceiling of the Titolo Shop in Zürich. The Scherenschnitt is one of the most iconic crafts of Switzerland made only by scissors and paper.
With a clear domination of black suede on the upper, the sneaker also features some papercut art on the split tongue and on the tiger stripes. Red lining, outsole and details on the heel make this collaboration even more special.
This dope runner will be available at retailers worldwide on March 28th and a delayed release in the States will follow later on.

Asics Gel Lyte III x Concepts „Boston Tea Party“ / May 2nd 2015

Concepts Boston has come together with Asics to create the “Boston Tea Party” Gel Lyte III which will be the fourth part of the 25th Anniversary.
Representing the patriotic colors Red, White, Blue, Gold and Silver, the “Boston Tea Party” is based on the English shipment of tea in Boston Harbor which led to the American revolution.
Featuring some premium suede, leather, mesh and a perforated toe box which ads breathability to your feet, the runner includes 3 pairs of rope laces which match perfectly with the patriotic colors.
Stay tuned for more information about the latest collab between Asics and Concepts, releasing on May 2nd worldwide. The first 6 in store customers at Concepts Boston will be receiving an exclusive wooden Box.

Asics Gel Lyte III x AFEW Store “Koi” / May 30th 2015

Finally! After presenting back in 2012 the 1 of 1 handmade version of the “Koi” at AFEW inspired by the Japan Day, Asics has teamed up with the German retailer to release this extremely popular pair, regarding the 25th Anniversary of the Gel Lyte III.
The sneaker is inspired by the Japanese Koi fish, which leads to the Red, Grey and Black colors. The leather split tongue gives the “Koi’ a premium touch. Some other leather details can be found on the heel, including two patches saying “AFEW” and “家族”, which means family in japanese. The sock liners feature a picture recap of the first Japan Day Event at AFEW back in 2012 and the camo printed outsole is based again on the symbolic colors of the Koi fish.
This awesome collab will be dropping on May 30th worldwide and be prepared for the in store release at AFEW, as the runners will include a wooden box set full of surprises.

Asics Gel Lyte III x Colette “Dotty” / July 4th 2015

Colette strikes again! After 7 long years without collaborations between Asics and French retailer Colette, they’ve come back to release a very special shoe.
Clearly based on the colors of the well known Colette logo, the full leather upper is completely covered by small white-on-blue and blue-on-white polka dots. Featuring a Colette branding on the heel and on both outsoles, the sixth part of the 25th Anniversary of the Gel Lyte III silhouette will be limited to 1990 pairs worldwide like the previous pairs. Look out for this unforgettable collaboration between Asics and French retailer Colette, which will release on June 27th at Colette Paris, featuring a special polka dot Box. The worldwide release is set for July 4th at selected retailers.

Asics Gel Lyte III x Atmos “Birthday Dinner” / July 25th 2015

The well known Japanese Retailer Atmos and Asics have teamed up for the 7th part of the 25th Anniversary of the Gel Lyte III silhouette.
For most of the people the collaboration has been a bit disappointing as the shoe features an all white midsole and an off white upper, remembering the “All White” general release that dropped back in 2014. A silver Atmos branding on the heel makes the difference between the “Birthday Dinner” and the “All White” GR.
Based on the elegant Birthday dinners that are celebrated in Japan the runner features some superb soft leather, which is not often seen on the Asics collaborations.
Stay tuned for more information about this simple but quality based release that will drop on July 25th at selected retailers worldwide.

Asics Gel Lyte III x Footpatrol “Squad” / August 29th 2015

It’s time for the 8th part of this 25th Anniversary of the split tongue silhouette. This month Asics will be teaming up with the popular British sneaker retailer Foot Patrol. I already talked about this pair earlier this week, when Foot Patrol teased about they’re latest collaboration on a video. The cw of this pair reminds of the last partnership on the Gel Kayano between Asics and Footpatrol, which featured different olive tons like this pair.
The trainer will feature an olive pigskin suede upper, with black tiger stripes on the lateral panel and olive ones on the inside panels. The perforated pigskin on the toe box and quarter panels ad more breathability to this amazing shoe. Of course the well-known gas mask logo will be represented on the footbed heel and a Footpatrol branding will also be featured on the heel. The inspiration behind the name “Squad” is due to the moments in war when people come together putting aside the struggles and conflicts.
Keep posted for more information and shots of this dope trainer, that will be dropping on August 29th online and in-store at Footpatrol and selected retailers worldwide and please let me know what you think in the comments.

Asics Gel Lyte III x BAIT “Nightmare” / September 26th 2015

Asics will be teaming up with US based retailer BAIT for a very extravagant ninth part of the 25th Anniversary of the Gel Lyte III model, called “Nightmare”. It’s not the first time that these two are working with each other on a Gel Lyte III, back in 2014 BAIT dropped the “BASICS” pack, which consisted of three pairs.
On this occasion Asics and BAIT decided to use some very unusual materials like talipia and reptile skin. Like on the “Guardian”, a pair of the “BASICS” pack, we will be able to see again some metallic mesh on the iconic split tongue with a “BAIT” inscription on it and also the reflective quarter panels. Of course the lately often seen speckled midsole gives the finishing touch to this very special runner.
BAIT is doing an exclusive in-store and online raffle for they’re customers, so sign in and try your luck! More information to come about the selected retailers worldwide, so stay tuned until September 26th for the drop of this “Nightmare”.

Source: walksonheat

Asics Gel Lyte III x Highs and Lows “Silver Screen” / October 31st 2015

It’s Anniversary time guys! The Australian retailer Highs and Lows has teamed up with Asics for the ninth part of the 25th Anniversary of the split tongue silhouette. HAL is already famous for always delivering on point collaborations and they haven’t disappointed on this one.
Finding it’s inspiration in a movie theater in Highs and Lows hometown Perth, the Gel Lyte III features some different minty green shades and a wine red tone was used on the tiger stripes on the inside to give a big contrast, that actually fits in perfect. They decided to use a combination of leather and luxury suede on the upper, featuring also some kind of cracked leather on the quarter panels, that I’d never seen before but that actually looks very nice. They’ve also added a stamped Highs and Lows branding to the split tongue, which was perfectly executed.
Stay tuned for more details about the release of this dope work by the guys from Asics Tiger and Highs and Lows that will release worldwide on October 31st. Let me know what you think about this beauty in the comment section, for me it’s a clear cop!

Asics Gel Lyte III x Hanon Shop “Solstice” / November 28th 2015

We’re getting closer to the end of the 25th Anniversary of the well known Asics Gel Lyte III model. For the 11th collaboration, Asics Tiger will be working togethet with the Scottish retailer Hanon Shop to develop the “Solstice”.
It’s always a good sign when these two team up, remember the Gel Lyte III “Wildcats” or the GT-II “Northern Liites”? Clearly two of the best pairs that have hit the market.
In this occasion Hanon and Asics have created with out a doubt the best pair of the anniversary. Using a blue azure premium suede and purple nubuck on the upper, inspired by the longest and shortest days of the year, also called Solstice, remembering so the cold and dark winters of Scotland. Featuring the symbolic flame logo on both heels, a branding on the tongue patch, 3M on the tiger stripes and perforation on the toe box, give a finishing touch to an astonishing pair that you can’t miss out on.
This pair clearly reminds us of their collaboration back in 2011 called “Wildcats”, using similar materials on the upper and even if on their last collab they used another color way, the color blocking on the “Solstice” is the same.
Keep posted for more information about this amazing release that will be hitting retailers worldwide on November 28th and will include a special box instore at Hanon.

Asics Gel Lyte III x Ronnie Fieg “Homage” / December 23rd 2015

It’s time to welcome the very last pair of the Asics Gel Lyte III Anniversary, that has brought to us some very unique pieces. To end this wonderful year full of collaborations, Asics Tiger will be teaming up with the well known sneaker designer Ronnie Fieg.
The New York based designer Ronnie Fieg has collaborated 25 times on the split tongue silhouette since his first time in 2006, when he was still working for his cousin in David Z.
On this occasion Ronnie has had one of his best ideas ever in my opinion. Even if I’m not the biggest fan of the final work, I have to give my congrats to the man. He has put 13 of his favorite works together in one mismatched pair, to create sort of a “Homage” to his work with Asics Tiger.
The pair, that is also known as the WTF (What the Fieg), will be featuring of the Super Green, KFE, Flamingo, Miami, Knicks, Selvedge Denim, Total Eclipse, Leather Back, Salmon Toe, Mint Leaf, Cove, Navy Aqua and Nice Kicks 1.0. As you can see it will be a very colorful collaboration.
The right pair will have a Cove toe box, Leatherback heel wrap, midsole, outsole and quarter panel, a Total Eclipse tongue and eyestay and the heel tab of the Selvedge Denim. The lateral stripes will feature a golden touch like the KFE and the medial stripes a blue tone like the Knicks. The lining is the same that was used on the Nice Kicks 1.0.
For the left pair Fieg decided to use the famous salmon toe box and Super Green upper and medial stripe. He added the mesh Miami tongue, Mint Leaf heel tab and lateral stripe and Flamingo mid and outsole.
The “Homage” pair will be releasing on December 23rd in-store and online at Kith featuring a fantastic special box, including 13 mismatched invisible socks, a homage book, 13 laces, pins of all the pairs used on the “Homage” and a material ring. Worldwide retailers will be releasing the pair on the same date.

Source: Titolo Shop

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