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Hikmet Sugoer was born 1973 in Germany. Since young age he had a great passion for sneakers and in 2002 he decided to open his own sneaker store with his brother Suekret called Solebox, which is based in Berlin. Since then H has been a important part of the runner culture in Europe and I’m sure he will still be it in the future.

From early on Hikmet and Solebox began to work together with brands like Adidas, Asics, New Balance and many more. I think especially with Asics and New Balance he did a great job, as he was one of the first guys who worked on the Asics Gel Lyte III and New Balance 1500, which nowadays are incredibly popular. And by the way, the popularity of color-blocked toe boxes came trough Hikmet, with his NB “Purple Devil”.
Back in 2013 Solebox was bought by the sneaker retailer Snipes and they decided to open another Solebox store in Munich.
Hikmet decided to leave Solebox in December 2015 to start new projects in his business life and I’m more than sure that he will be successful!
Here’s a little Interview I did with Hikmet about his past and future work…

Hi Hikmet! How are you doing?
Thx Kev. All good.

First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this Interview, it’s a pleasure to have you here!
You have had the great opportunity to work with the biggest brands in the sneaker business, which was your favourite to work with and why?
I know this sounds uber-diplomatic. But every single project was special for me.

Out of all the great collaborations you made with Adidas, Asics, Diadora, New Balance etc. which is your Top 3?
As I mentioned all projects were for me special. But to narrow down: 

New Balance 1500 GGB

Asics Gel Lyte 3 “The Sun”

Reebok Pump 20


What is your favourite Asics silhouette and do you also have an Asics Top 3, apart from the ones you created…

I am still a fan of the Gel Lyte 3. And my favorite Asics:

Asics GT-II x Proper

Asics Gel Lyte III x Ronnie Fieg “Super Green” – Charity Project

Asics Gel Lyte III x Footpatrol “Squad”IMG_9109


In your YouTube channel TurnschuhTV you made a very interesting home visit to your place where you showed a part of your collection. There were some samples around that didn’t hit the market, can we still expect some Solebox collaborations for 2016 apart from the UltraBoost?
Yes. I have another project with Asics and a project with Diadora for Solebox coming.

Talking about TurnschuhTV, Simon and you are still doing the show every week. Will you keep on doing it in future and can we expect an English version for the non German audience?
Sure. It is pure fun to be part of TurnschuhTV. We started already an english version. Sadly at the moment we do not have the resources to produce an english version. But be sure, we will do in the future.


Your UltraBoost collaboration has had an extreme impact in the market, especially with the resellers… What do you think about it?
I got this question often in the past about Resellers. They are part of the whole thing. Without reselling there is no hype and demand. But it should be well balanced. At the moment I am feeling, that most of the shoes are being resold and resold instead of worn. Hope the prices go down in the future, so the reselling as a trend goes down.


You have been posting various things about a new project Sonra and you have started your website, can you tell me something about it?


At this point, I would like to thank Hikmet for doing the Interview with me, as I know he’s got a busy schedule at the moment. He’s a great guy and I wish him all the best for the future!
There’s no better way to end this Interview, than showing you the very touching letter H postet on social media, to say goodbye to Solebox…

Dear Solebox,

I am writing you this because there’s something I want you to know:
Our relationship had a nice start two years ago, we knew each other for 12 years before being part of Snipes and this love affair began because between you and me was something special with so much potential.
At the beginning of our relationship things were very nice, we loved and respected one to each other and enjoyed being together every day, but as the months went by I began to feel different with everything around you.
We have had many people with different opinions about our relationship in our day to day, which were very passion consuming. 
Lately we have been making our effort to try to remedy things but we have not gotten results.
The good memories I have are with you and it saddens me to think that they will be just part of the past. I can hardly tell you this, but ours can’t continue. 
Solebox, you are a great concept and I like you but the magic is over. Solebox without the Soul…I mean Sole…is only a box. Like many other boxes
It is sad to know that our relationship has come to this point but I feel I can’t do anything. The love I felt once is gone. Do not try to see who is guiltier, we need to accept that it ended.
Accepting this decision was not easy for me, and I know it will hurt you but it is better not continue hurting us.

I will always remember you with esteem.

Hikmet Sugoer

Find Hikmet on InstagramFacebook, Youtube or visit his website
Source: lucasblackman (GGB), Solebox (Pump 20), sling (Proper), Ronnie Fieg (Super Green)

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