Ronnie Fieg teams up with ASICS

Ronnie Fieg has recently announced that he will be collaborating for the 50th time with ASICS this month, meaning that he will be dropping at least four pairs till the end of November.
In honor of the 5th Anniversary of Kith, Ronnie will be releasing some unicorn pairs, which should be familiar to many collectors of the sneaker community.
Release date is on November 22nd, based on what Mr. Fieg has been teasing…


The wait is finally over! Some of us will be lucky to get some of the most anticipated pairs of this year on November 22nd, or as RF calls it Legends Day.
ASICS Tiger and Ronnie Fieg have teamed up once again, to release six pairs till the end of the year, from which four will drop at the same time, which will make it a bit harder to get all of them at the same time. The first pairs to drop out of the six will be both Gel Mai and Gel Lyte 3.1.
Again, we can expect great quality, as all the pairs were handcrafted in Japan and also similar limited quantities to both Super Greens released in May of this year.
By the way Ronnie, if you’re reading this, on the 22nd is my birthday so if your keen on sending one or two pairs over I would be more than happy to accept them ;)

Earlier this year, Fieg announced that he was giving the opportunity by ASICS to design his own silhouette. He decided to create an hybrid, Gel Lyte 3.1.  Using the Gel Lyte III upper on a Gel Nimbus sole, giving a more athletic look to the trainer but also increasing the comfort. The first pair to drop of this silhouette was the “Super Green”, limited to only 700 pairs. Up next are the “Militia” and “Salmon” color palettes.
The “Militia” features a full dark brown premium leather upper with perforation on the toe box and side panels. The Nimbus sole will be white with some orange hints and the which are also present on the tiger stripes and toe box.
The other pair of the pack has a full salmon leather upper, which reminds a bit of the Rose Gold GT-II color way, but works actually very nice, even if the silhouette isn’t my cup of tea. A white Gel Nimbus sole with navy accents give the finishing touch to this pair.
As Ronnie had anticipated, these are the last two color ways of the Gel Lyte 3.1 will be releasing and after that the silhouette will be gone.
The Gel Mai first released in the late 90’s as the a new look runners and with an very innovative design back then. Being one of the few silhouettes that doesn’t feature the tiger stripes on the upper, but instead a jeweled logo on the midsole. The pair is completed by the asymmetrical lacing and a high-volume midsole for better cushioning.
RF will be dropping two colorways, a Salmon and a Milita cw, featuring very nice details and superb quality.
Both Gel Mai are priced at 180$ and the Gel Lyte 3.1 at 200$, including a special box for each customer.

The Salmon Toe must be Fiegs most iconic work. This was the first collaboration in September of 2011 after opening Kith NYC. Very limited numbers were released and it’s one of the most valued runners in the market.
Five years later, same concept, but different. The Salmon Toe 2.0 features a navy midsole, which actually works out very well. Also in this case we can expect top notch quality, as their made in Japan.
This pair was actually the sample of the original Salmon Toe, but as the release was set in summer Ronnie decided to go with the white midsole, even if he prefered the navy look.
Last but not least, the “Militia” Gel Lyte III, better known as “Mossad”. This pair finds his inspiration in the best friend of Ronnie Fiegs father, who was a former military man and loved to wear military green. RF wanted to honor his dads friend by using a bit of a different color palette to the usual military green. The brown midsole and orange outsole and details, make this pair one of the best creations I’ve seen of Ronnie Fieg in his 10 years of collaborations with ASICS.
There are around 3 or 4 samples around of the “Mossad”, one belongs to Ronnie himself, another one was auctioned back in 2011 in collaboration with Nice Kicks and the others belong to two very happy collectors, that I envie a lot.

The history between the Japanese brand and NYC based designer Ronnie Fieg goes way back. Just a couple of days back, RF teased the upcoming releases, posting a time line of his 46! collaborations with ASICS between 2006 and 2016. A 10 year time line that has brought to us some of the best pairs around.
Ronnie Fieg started back in 2006 as a designer for David Z, where he was lucky enough to be the second person/shop to collaborate with ASICS with the “252 Pack”, which consists of three very colorful pairs. He then continued designing several times under David Z, until he started his project with Kith NYC, that opened in 2011. His first collaboration under the name of Kith was the Salmon Toe, so it’s pretty nice to see the sample version of that pair releasing five years later. Since then Ronnie has been one of the most valued designers that have worked together with ASICS, releasing pairs like the Cove, Mint, Super Green Gel Lyte III, Ultramarine and Rosegold GT-II and the Mazarine and Neptune Gel Saga. Some of these pairs are still in a lot of collectors hunt list, but they’re pretty hard these days.
Ronnie Fieg has proved over the last couple of year, not only with ASICS, but also with other brands that he is a master mind. Apart from being a great designer, he’s a real marketing pro. I honestly gotta give it to the man, he knows how to promote his stuff!

As I’ve stated on my previous post about the 5th Anniversary of Kith, the Gel Lyte 3.1 isn’t my cup of tea. I think the pair itself is indeed very comfortable with the Nimbus Sole, in my opinion it just doesn’t work very well with the Gel Lyte III upper.
Even if I’m not the biggest fan of the “Militia” Gel Lyte 3.1, I gotta admit that the Salmon color way looks pretty dope in the first pics I’ve seen. I’m not sure if I’ll cop them, but maybe it’s worth a try, regarding all will be down for the Gel Lyte III’s.
About the Gel Mai, unfortunately not my type of silhouette, but for me ASICS did the right thing choosing RF to re-issue the silhouette. He’s done it before with other silhouettes like the Gel Lyte V and Gel Sight. This time he kept it pretty simple and choose the right material, but all in all, I don’t like the silhouette.
Personally I’m the most excited that Ronnie finally decided to drop the “Militia”. To me it’s one of his best pairs he’s ever designed, so it’s an absolut must have for me. It’s been a pair I’ve been searching for a long time, but never had the chance to get due to the limited numbers of the sample.
To me the “Salmon Toe” works extremely well with the navy midsole and I think the quality of them could be better than on the first release, as their made in Japan. Even if I’m also very keen on this pair, they aren’t first priority as I got the original pair from 2011 and I’m more than happy with those.
I can’t wait to know the release date, to try my luck online!

On November 22nd four of the six pairs mentioned above will be releasing exclusively in-store at Kith locations and online. Based on what Ronnie has said, the released pairs will be both Gel Mai’s and the Militia and the Salmon Gel Lyte 3.1.
There’s no further information yet about the release of both Gel Lyte III’s, but I guess we’ll see them drop before 2016 ends.
I wish good luck to all the collectors that will be trying to cop one or more pairs. I hope every single one of you, which has intention of buying a pair to rock them gets lucky!

Source: Ronnie Fieg

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